SERVICES is a dedicated team of drone professionals. If your task specification involves engineering, drones or cinematography – we can do it! We offer full-stack 3D scanning services for asset managers, architects and real estate developers. We see unlimited possibilities of combining the capabilities of autonomous flight machines and software development as well as taking the perfect aerial video shot. Remote controlled flights, autonomous flights, crop monitoring, photogrammetric 3D modelling from aerial photography and infrastructure inspection is just a tip of the iceberg. Have an idea where drones and software solutions could help to optimize your business? Contact us and we will help you achieve it!

3D modeling from aerial data

Droneteam delivers full or partial services of 3D model generation. Customizing drone, autonomous flight, creation of accurate 3D model, presenting the end result. We can offer all of that and adapt it to your needs.

Object inspections

We say stop to amature drone photographers who can deliver just a folder with a lot of images! We offer an intuitive interface to view drone photos, mark the points of interest and generate reports containing all your identified points.

Long range drone flight

Does your application need more than average drone flight of less than 30 minutes? We build commertial drones that can stay in air for hours and travel hundreds of kilometers. Please contact us if you feel that our drones can help to accomplish your tasks.


Our dedicated team of aerial video professionals will get you a perfect shot you need. We provide aerial drone shot services for cinema crews, produce the most persuasive corporate videos and the most eye pleasing event movies that you are looking for!

Meet our team

Dr. Linas Gelažanskas

Dr. Linas Gelažanskas


From the very childhood Linas dreams about flying. At the same time, engineering is his second religion. Combine these two passions and you get the DRONETEAM leader, who envisions autonomous flying machines taking over the skies.

Dominykas Bašys

Dominykas Bašys

UAS project manager

Dominykas is a well recognised RC modeler and drone pilot. Aviation is his passion so he spent half of his life with RC transmitter in his hands. Currently he is studying Avionics at the university and working as a drone pilot at DRONETEAM

Mykolo Maldeikio profilio foto

Mykolas Maldeikis

Head of Sales
Erikas Babarskas

Erikas Babarskas

Drone pilot
Martynas Mikalkėnas

Martynas Mikalkėnas

GIS specialist

Martynas is passionate about modern GIS technologies, striving to make ideas into reality. The biggest delight for him is to see how the surrounding world is being captured and digitized into 3D reality model.

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